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> >Michael Dean Goodman wrote: 
> > Dear Judy,

> Nicely put, Michael.  It seems to me that much of FFL is a different
place than it was a few 
> years ago. There are wonderful discussions, good laughs, and such
knowledgable people 
> here.  But I skip many of the posts these days because they are so
hostile - from a subset 
> of people looking to engage each other by jumping on a word's
implied meaning, an 
> assumed criticism, the personality or character of someone they've
never met, on and on.  
> I'm not sure why they are here on FFL at all.  Why not email each
other on the side or 
> better yet, just call each other on the phone and work out these
"issues" and conflicts 
> between each other, rather than taking up space on FFL?  The tone of
this kind of stuff is 
> "off," unpleasant, and it feels as if a portion of FFL has been
> And since I am complaining, here's another peeve:  people who
routinely post 5 or 10 
> posts in a row.  You know who you are. Occasionally getting so
excited by a topic that you 
> can't control yourself is fine. But most of these numerous,
consecutive posts are so 
> meaningless. It is a guarantee that you will be ignored and go
unread. I know I skip these 
> automatically. A suggestion:  read the prior posts on a topic - all
of them - think for a 
> minute - then collect your thoughts - and post, once.
+++ Great idea- second the motion.
    I have to wonder how "East" can be the basis for so much
controversy with its being an arbitrary designation on an
insignificant planet in a minor solar system  in a galaxy 0n the edge
of etc. etc.
    I would think it should be a minute detail to the enlightened. N.

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