But did you read the comments to McCullagh's article?  There is quite a 
thread there and he apologizes for posting a link to the wrong section 
of the law.  Readers in that thread also dissected the law and 
discovered it didn't apply to forums, blogs, lists,  and newsgroups but 
personal email.

As a tech  professional I saw the article when it was originally posted 
on News.com since that site is part of my daily reading and followed the 
controversy as it wound down.

- Bhairtu
(which is a handle)

Michael Dean Goodman wrote:


>Dear Judy,
>Thanks for bringing this up in such a reasonable way, compared to
>the "hysterical" flaming that others have so easily been nudged
>into during the past few days.
>Here are the facts:
>I subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, published weekly by the NY Times,
>called "Circuits" - a NY Times digest of technology news.
>I received this week's NY Times "Circuits" digest on 26 Jan 06 - and
>that same day I wrote the post about it for this list.  I slept on
>that post overnight as I usually do, looked at it again the next morn-
>ing, edited it a bit to make sure it clearly reflected what I wanted
>to say, and posted the info to FFLife the day after I got it from an
>official NY Times publication.  You can access that NY Times techno-
>logy digest by going to the following link (which all needs to be on
>one line in case Yahoo breaks it up).  You may have to be a NY Times
>member to access it - they don't charge anything to sign up.)
>The author of "Circuits", David Pogue, had a link in his lead article
>which leads to the information I quoted.  Although the link was sent to
>me by the NY Times - the link actually leads to an article on news.com,
>authored by Declan McCullagh, "Chief Political Correspondent, CNETnews.
>com", entitled "Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail".  Here
>is the link to that article as given in the NY Times "Circuits" digest
>(again, remember to put it all back on one line):

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