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> I really disagree. About 2-3 years ago the posts/post-ers on this 
> site were far superior to what they have been for some time now. 

Then perhaps you can contribute more quality posts yourself, as can
everyone try to. Either by posting original posts, or cogent
commentary on those that do so.

Your "blah blah blah" post, while I thought was kind of funny, is not
the type of quality post I think you are seeking.

There were some good quality posts back then, LBS, Phil Goldberg,
Vashti, and others  who have left. But also, as I recall, a fair
amount of mediocre stuff. Rudra Joe comes to mind, IMO. 10% of his
stuff was great, the rest not worth the read, IMO. And who can forget
Ron F. His flood of silly and inconsequential posts makes spraig's
flow seem like a small trickle. (referring to quantity. I like some of
 spraig's content.) And while some of Rory's early stuff was of
interest, he would at times (this is two years back) post a river of
Madame Blavatsky rifs that was IMO self-indulgant and not very useful
(to me, and I gather from the comments to most others). And MDG would
often post what seemed to 10-page regurgitations of advanced lectures.
Old stuff most of us heard, or gave ourselves. And that california
Doctor, can't recall his name, was one of the most ripping and IMO
negative posters ever. The "good old days" may be like the grass thats
always greener.
I think the amt immigrants have introduced personal attacks as a much
more practiced form of post. Though outside of these, they can have
useful things to say.

Another issue is length. It seems to me, some of the better posts 2-3
years ago were a page or two. Well thought out, developed, new
insights. Yet, today, most people complain if posts are too long -- or
skip them. Quality diologue comes from people taking the time to read
and absorb longer posts, and to read the whole thread. Then they have
a basis to make insightful comments. If anything, some readers today
-- who long for better posts -- are like fast-food eaters. They skim a
few posts in a thread, make some irrelevant and sometimes quite silly,
out-in-space comments that detract from the thread, not contributing
to it.

No one is a guest the at Hotel FFL. There is not a staff to cater to
your whims. If you want better quality, content, logic and manners,
then start doing so yourselves -- both for orginal topics and
thoughtful useful feedback and commentaries. If everyone here felt and
acted  as a "host" and not a guest to be served, I think we could
(again ?) have a five-star hotel.

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