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> > > > Even then (mid-70s), they had convinced themselves
> > > > that they were so "in tune" with "Natural Law" that
> > > > they had the right to violate actual law.
> > > 
> > > I often got the feeling from Maharishi, and recent speeches 
> > > seem to reflect this, that he didn't have much respect for 
> > > the level of intelligence that formulated man-made laws. 
> > > He considered man-made laws legitimate and worthy
> > > of his obedience to the degree that they conformed to 
> > > Natural Law, and he considered his own desires and intentions 
> > > to be a perfect expression of Natural Law. Thus, if a man-
> > > made law didn't jibe with his desire, he considered it a 
> > > misguided hindrance to his higher purpose and had no qualms
> > > about violating it.
> > 
> > A perfectly valid attitude for someone enlightened...
> Is it?  Or were you just *taught* that, by example?
> Such behavior is, after all, *also* seen in megalo-
> maniacs and in people with extreme narcissism.  Is
> it "valid" in their cases?  I'd really like to hear
> your answer to that question.

They have to face the consequences, also...

> The thing is, charlatans have been getting away with
> shit for millennia by claiming that they are "above"
> the requirements imposed on "lesser" men.  But are
> they?  In Maharishi's case, he convinces people such
> as Bob that he's in tune with something he calls 
> "Natural Law," which of course only he is evolved
> enough to perceive and define.  Because Bob has been
> programmed to believe such declarations, he cuts 
> Maharishi a great deal of slack when he does things
> that are questionable or even outright illegal.  
> But the tyrants and the narcissistic maniacs of the 
> world also took the same stand.  *They* justified
> their behavior by claiming they were "above" the law
> and reported to a "higher authority." 
> For me, the bottom line is that the moment anyone --
> anyone -- makes this claim, it's time to step back
> and make a determination about whether you feel they 
> are sane.

Very true.

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