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> > > Bingo.  You have just nailed the fatal flaw in
> > > Maharishi's model.  To believe it is true, you
> > > have to believe that before enlightenment, one
> > > has free will, and that afterwards one does not.
> > > 
> > > What *changed* in the operating system of the
> > > universe between unenlightenment and enlighten-
> > > ment?  Did karma stop working?
> > > 
> > > If one has a choice as to how to act before real-
> > > ization of enlightenment, one has the same choice
> > > afterwards.  Those who claim otherwise are in my
> > > opinion trying to avoid responsibility for their
> > > actions.  They may be avoiding this responsibility
> > > because they are up to no good, or they may be
> > > avoiding this responsibility because they honestly
> > > believe that "God does everything," but it's the
> > > same bottom line.  They wish their followers to
> > > cut them slack they would not extend to anyone else.
> > 
> > I agree. The enlightened man driving his car makes the 
> > decisions necessary to navigate successfully through 
> > traffic and arrive at his destination. Why shouldn't 
> > other decisions be just as volitional and just as 
> > subject to dire consequences if they are made capriciously?
> Yup.  My position on this is not really about Maharishi.
> It's just an observation I've come to after watching
> various spritual "scenes" for most of a lifetime.  I 
> really believe that the myth of the infallibility of
> the enlightened is one of the *worst* ideas in history,
> because of its ability to be abused.
The confusion seems to arise as a result of the enlightened person's 
great success in action becoming misinterpreted as they can do no 

Because of the state of the body and mind of the enlightened person, 
there is a near perfect degree of coordination between them and 
their environment. So much so that they become far more successful 
in every action.

This coordination with the environment, this Oneness, can then be 
understood as the enlightened person becoming one with Nature; 
becoming more like a natural force than an ordinary human being.

It then follows that because Nature can do no wrong, so can the 
enlightened person do no wrong. However, this is apparently often 
misinterpreted to mean that *morally* the enlightened person can do 
no wrong. Because morality is an entirely human concept, and not one 
found in Nature, its interpretation is highly subjective.

So this conclusion that an enlightened person cannot do anything 
morally wrong is a mistaken conclusion, arising from the Reality 
that the enlightened person acts as a force of Nature.


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