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Mike,  remember you are not alone in this fight.  You're the point man but only  in front at this time.  There will be many ex-TM teachers who will rally  around such action, including us.  Many will be willing to speak out  against the TMO.  But we must all face the fact that this will be bad  press for the TMO AND for all of us.  It's the unfortunate truth.   The other thing is this: do we really want to be associated with all the new  crazy stuff in the TMO?
 Farrokh & Ruffina Anklasaria
The  Enlightened Sentencing Project
St Louis, MO
Why not open your own TM center , no matter how small and quaint across the street or next door to every Peace Palace offering the same TM for 1 or 2 hundred dollars and put up a big sign out front advertising such. Let them draw the public to their Peace Palace with their advertisements and  let the public see your place with TM at a fraction the cost. heheheheheheheehehe! This should be done at every Peace Palace or store front. Competition is the American way!

I used to do that when I was driving a Pied Piper ice cream truck in New Jersey. I’d park right next to the Good Humor man.

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