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FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "tomandcindytraynoratfairfieldlis" 
> > Tom T:
> > Once one wakes up one realizes that it has always been Sat Yuga 
> > and always will be for the awake. Never has been anything else 
> > but Sat Yuga. Tom T
> >
> Kevin shanti2218411 writes:  
> No doubt for the one who is  awake it has always been Sat 
> Yuga.However
> in the absence of a compassionate understanding that billions of
> sentient beings do not have this realization and the motivation to
> help them share this realization(eg Tolle) the awake state only has
> value for a very few.IOW"someone"being awake isn't enough for it be
> Sat Yuga.A true Sat Yuga will only exist when the majority of human
> beings are functioning at a much higher level than they currently
> are.Kevin
> Tom T:
> ANy awake person who walks around is doing all he/she can do to 
> change existence for the millions. Some teach by words (Tolle) 
> and others by thier interactions with others. We all teach by 
> just being alive. We give witness to the fact that one can be 
> awake and have an impact. SOme teach millions some teach one. 
> WHo is to say which teacher had the largest impact on the world. 
> Most awake people I know have a very difficult time keeping 
> thier mouth shut. We do what we do and the world changes as it 
> does. All in the way it needs to be. Perfection
> all around unfolding as it does. Tom T

Interesting thread.  I tend to agree with Tom.  I've always
found that the fascination with "achieving Sat Yuga" or
"changing the world" is a fascination that occurs primarily
among those seekers who have *not* had clear experiences of
realization.  Among those who have, it's often No Big Deal.

This trend has made me wonder whether the fascination with
"Sat Yuga" is just another way of putting off realization,
another way of self saying to its self, "It will be Ok
to accept my own enlightenment at Point X in the future,
but not Now."

Realization always takes place Now.  It never happens 
in the future.

I'm not convinced that there was *ever* a time (the mythical
past Sat Yuga) in which large numbers of people realized
their enlightenment, or that there ever will be (the mythical
future Sat Yuga).  I suspect that's just a story people tell
themselves to distract themselves from their enlightenment 
here and Now, and give themselves something to hope for 
until it "appears" at some mythical time in the future. 
And because so much of their attention is used up on 
*waiting* for realization to appear and hoping that it
will, they never notice that what they seek is already 
going on, right here, right Now.

In other words, I suspect that the focus on "Sat Yuga"
is yet another mechanism to keep seekers seeking instead
of realizing that there was never anything to seek,
because it was always already present.

In the world of business, it's called "selling futures."
You sell your client something based on a *story* about
what it will supposedly do for them *in the future*. Often
you sell them Release 1.0, *admitting* that it won't
really produce the results they are hoping for until at
least Release 4.0. But the point is *to sell something*,
and *to keep the client buying* for three more releases.
Whether the promised goal is *ever* achieved is never
a real consideration for the seller; all they really
care about is selling things.

I'm just suggesting that the same phenomenon exists in
the world of spiritual practice.  In general, the more a 
tradition talks about achieving "heaven on earth" or
"Sat Yuga" or about "changing the world," the less
likely it is that the tradition will produce realization
in its individual students here and Now.  The tradition
is selling *futures*, not realization.

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