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> > > > > I take ownership of my speech, but could that ownership
> > > > be just as much of a delusion as the individual ego
> > > > in ignorance? Those thoughts could be in the "thought
> > > > sphere," available for pickup by me or anyone.
> > > >
> > > +++ Don't think it would be a delusion-
> > >     If I am sitting with a group of vegetarians enjoying my
> > > cheeseburgher and thinking how good it is, I would doubt that 
> > thought
> > > would be anyone elses.  N.
> > >
> > 
> > Unless they are closet meat eaters wishing that they weren't so 
> > ethical and all that.
> >
> Kind of reminds me what happen on our flying block on CIC VI.  We 
> were up at Cobb, and four or five guys snuck down the road one day 
> to get burgers at a near by greasy spoon.  I didn't join them, but
> I thought it was funny.  The Siddhi Administrators (The Burkes) 
> were a little bent out of shape about, but I thought the act was 
> harmless and added a bit of "levity" to the whole thing.  I broke 
> the tension for some of us who taking this thing a little too 
> seriously, especially those who hadn't taken off yet.
> We're they just jealous?

I was at the TM facility in Asbury Park some years back;
it was a pretty fancy hotel that the TMO had bought and
was running *as* a hotel for regular guests, as well as
housing various TM administrative folks and course

The TMers' food was prepared in the downstairs kitchen,
all vegetarian, but there was a bigger kitchen upstairs
that cooked for the guests.

One night I was sitting at a table of TM-lifers during
dinner.  The hotel was hosting a big Bar Mitzvah bash.
One of the MAV-technicians, a big galoot of a guy with
a heart of gold who regarded the bliss-ninnies with
good-humored puzzlement, had gone up to the guest
kitchen to see if he could cadge some real food from
one of the staff, a friend of his.

So we were sitting there eating our lentils and rice
and curried cauliflower, and he walks into the dining
hall bearing a big platter.  He came up to our table
to join us and put down the plate, on which rested a
gigantic hunk of very rare steak.

You'd have thought there was a severed human hand on
the plate.  The TM-lifers all gasped audibly, and one
of the more delicate of the ladies actually gave out
a little shriek.  This was *completely* spontaneous;
these folks probably hadn't even laid eyes on a piece
of meat for years, and that bloody slab really must
have been kind of a shocking sight.

The poor MA-V guy was baffled.  Then everybody started
laughing, practically falling out of their chairs.  We
laughed until we cried, including the MA-V guy, once he
realized we weren't laughing at *him* but at our own

It was just bizarre, one of the funniest occasions I've
ever experienced in a TM context

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