Tom T writes snipped:
In practice it is no different than the martial 
artist who knows that without constant attention and 
practice he too will be mincemeat. On the one hand he is
the best, on the other hand he could be dead in a moment 
if he doesn't stay focused and practiced. Thanks TOm T

TorquioseB writes:
Thanks for the attempted explanation of the unexplainable.
If I read your last line correctly, though, aren't you
saying that nothing changes on the level of activity?

Tom T:
Yes I guess you are right that nothing appears to change on the level
of activity other than a level of feeling about how one feels about
their activity. The reason things feel that they are perfect is the
knowingness that the way they went down was perfect because that was
the way the group consensus had agreed it was going to go. Having that
knowingness that there really is only one of us seems to come through
in that feeling of perfection. Having said the above there is also an
impetus to action as that consensus reality seems to change as a
result of what has just happened. The thought that best expresses it
seems to be that unfathomable is the course of dharma (action). Past
consensus dharma wrapped up with a constantly changing reaction to
that and new challenges for the group dharma as well as the individual
dharma. One seems to do the dance but the feeling is one of WOW this
is cool sh*t. One also laughs a lot at how silly we are as a group and
as seeming individuals. Enjoy the laughter and don't take much of it
too seriously, it will change. That seems to be the feeling that makes
it enjoyable most of the time. Wish I could make it clearer. This
seems to be the best for now. Enjoy and laugh at it all. Tom T

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