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> > Well said.  Seriously, you might give "Lamb," by Christopher
> > Moore a shot.  There is more of who/what the real Christ
> > might have been in that book than in the entire Bible.
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> Cool. I will keep it in mind. I'm in a transition period now where 
> because of age the focal length of my vision is such that I can 
> read my computer screen perfectly, but can't easily read books. 

Tell me about it.  I suffered -- needlessly -- with this
same thing for quite a while, until an eye doctor explained
it to me and told me how to get around it.  The issue, at
least for me, was *light*, not sharpness of vision.  As
you get older, the rods and cones in your eyes grow
"tired," and don't respond as well to low levels of light.
In my case, at my optometrist's suggestion, I bought a 
few extremely bright halogen lamps, and poof! the problem 
went away.

Where this issue is the biggest problem for me is in an
environment where I can't control the lighting.  Glasses
don't help if the issue is needing more light.  For
example, I've grown used to having to have my date read
the dinner bill for me in dimly-lit restaurants.  Cool
I guess if it's an expensive restaurant and I've just
splurged on dinner, but a bit embarrassing if I've taken 
her to one of my favorite bargain joints.  :-)

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