--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > > > Cool. I will keep it in mind. I'm in a transition period now 
> > > > where because of age the focal length of my vision is such 
> > > > that I can read my computer screen perfectly, but can't 
> > > > easily read books. 
> > > 
> > > Tell me about it.  I suffered -- needlessly -- with this
> > > same thing for quite a while, until an eye doctor explained
> > > it to me and told me how to get around it.  The issue, at
> > > least for me, was *light*, not sharpness of vision.  As
> > > you get older, the rods and cones in your eyes grow
> > > "tired," and don't respond as well to low levels of light.
> > > In my case, at my optometrist's suggestion, I bought a 
> > > few extremely bright halogen lamps, and poof! the problem 
> > > went away.
> > > 
> > > Where this issue is the biggest problem for me is in an
> > > environment where I can't control the lighting.  Glasses
> > > don't help if the issue is needing more light.  For
> > > example, I've grown used to having to have my date read
> > > the dinner bill for me in dimly-lit restaurants.  Cool
> > > I guess if it's an expensive restaurant and I've just
> > > splurged on dinner, but a bit embarrassing if I've taken 
> > > her to one of my favorite bargain joints.  :-)
> >
> > Right, its the light too- which is one reason I can read a 
> > computer screen more easily...no big deal...
> You might also want to look into the sharpness and
> the flicker rate of the computer screen itself.  I
> had a bad monitor at work for a while, an old-style
> CRT monitor.  What I'd notice that was on the Metro
> going to work, I could read a book easily, but on
> the way home, after looking at the monitor all day,
> I couldn't even focus on the page.  Finally I put
> two and two together and asked for a different 
> monitor.  Poof!  The problem went away completely.
> None of these suggestions may be relevant to your
> situation, but I'm just bringing them up because
> I spent a couple of years avoiding reading because
> it was no longer comfortable.  Then I figured out
> that I didn't have to.
Yep, thanks for all of this. Fortunately my greater difficulty with 
reading has coincided nicely with my lack of interest in 
books...Funny, because at first I thought something was wrong. Then 
I realized it wasn't.

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