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> > > Makes sense. When I look for Jesus in the past, I can't find 
> > > There are strong waves of thought around who the Christian 
> > > really want him to be, the very selectively described fellow 
> the 
> > > Bible, but when I go into those areas with penetrating 
> > > consciousness, there is no one there! 
> > 
> > Well said.  Seriously, you might give "Lamb," by Christopher
> > Moore a shot.  There is more of who/what the real Christ
> > might have been in that book than in the entire Bible.
> > 
> > > For awhile now I have as a result concluded that Jesus didn't 
> exist, 
> > > but that didn't quite feel right either...
> > > 
> > > These other accounts that he existed but that his full nature 
> > > hidden from view from the ordinary Christians make more sense.
> Well put! The historical Jesus of Nazareth and The Christ are two 
> different enteties.  Jesus from Palestine was teaching in the 
> of Christ for about 3 years. Christ is now in incarnation with 
> of His Masters, with the name Maitreya. One of His Masters, 
> Brahmananda Saraswati is currently not in incarnation. For more 
> information, please see: 
> http://www.shareintl.org/magazine/SI_current.htm
> >
Yeah, I've heard that too- how Christ consciousness is different 
from the Jesus guy, etc. 

I was pretty involved with Christianity (Protestant/Episcopalian) 
until I was about 13, as an altar boy and stuff. Then one day the 
priest said that there are some questions [about God and the 
Universe] that we are never able to answer. Sort of set up a 
perpetual carrot on a stick approach. It was like letting the air 
out of a balloon for me, and I rapidly lost interest in the 
Christianity after that. 

So maybe Christ is Christ, or maybe he's Jesus Christ, but until 
someone can explain to me why I should care, I'll leave it to others 
to figure out...

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