Title: Some Purusha in Livingston Manor
From a friend:

Thought U would like this & perhaps even pass on to others as well Rick. Best in all from Bill Leed in Buffalo. ... ... ... other news 27 Purusha have the now arrived in L/ manor NY they are ones would either could not go to Holland or India for  one or a number of reasons. The say they do projects there I know not if all do so some medical reasons others family reasons etc. & should or must be in NA. I note L/M will for a time be Purusha HQ & they also intend to soon build there SV but may well return to NC & the Blackhill property just purchased there & some 10-15 minutes east of Ashville, NC

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This web site is a delightful photo story of the
celebration and trip to India for January 12th,
put together by a Russian Purusha.


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