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> In a message dated 2/9/06 11:15:01 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
> >  Obviously Kennedy shouldn't have approved the wiretaps
> > in the  first  place--at least morally; it was legal for
> > him to do  so--and apparently he  did so reluctantly.
> > 
> > But how  MDixon thinks the FBI's vastly worse  behavior
> > reflects badly on  *Teddy* Kennedy, who has been  outspokenly
> > opposed to Bush's  ILLEGAL wiretapping of many thousands  of
> > Americans, is really  hard to figure.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Absolutely  incredible.
> Not so incredible once you know the way this woman  thinks.
> She supports old racist and segregationists like Al Gore Sr.  who 
> voted against the Civil Rights Act because she'll defend Democrats  
> uber alles.
> What I found incredible was that She can defend to the hilt or 
> apologize for Robert Kennedy who was allowing the spying on of an 
> American civil  rights leader who did no harm to anybody but became 
> the closest thing to an  American saint.

I explicitly said he should not have done it.

Then I pointed out that he underwent a major
transformation in his character after his
brother's death.

Do you deny either of those points?

> Yet, bash Bush using his authority to protect American citizens  
> from acts of terrorism like we saw on 911 and for years prior to 
> that.

You are going to croak from Kool-Aid poisoning.

> I would  just 
> like Judy to tell me the name of one American citizen that has been 
> spied on illegally.

How can I do that?  The administration certainly
isn't going to tell me, nor has it informed the
innocent people that they've been illegally spied

However, those in a position to know say many
thousands of Americans have been surveilled, and
in almost all cases no connection to terrorism has
been found.

> Perhaps Al Qaida needs a *bill of rights*. I 
> really believe in my heart of hearts that America's most liberal 
> are really pissed that terrorism  
> hasn't hit home again big time just so they can blame it on  Bush.

If you really believe that, you're *deeply* disturbed.

In any case, the conclusive rebuttal to the right-
wingers who claim the administration should be
allowed to spy on Americans is:

President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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