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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "jyouells2000" <jyouells@> 
> wrote:
> >
> >   I will take a look. BTW, I didn't say 'the world' I said the lesser
> > evil in the middle east. Just like I don't think that the TMO's
> > motives are pure or presented clearly, US's aren't either but I don't
> > think they are anywhere near as conspiritoral as all the hard lefties
> > think they are. It's always amazed me that so many TB's and former
> > TB's are so hard left.... in for a dime in for a dollar, I guess. I
> > express a different point of view than is normally expressed here, 
> and
> > all of a sudden Jim labels me an ignorant waking state  Kool-Aid
> > drinker, sheesh. Actually Jim forgets that we share a whole 
> background
> > of similar TM experience. 
> Hi John, I meant no personal labeling, or libeling for that matter. My 
> point with the Kool-Aid remark was that sometimes we adopt points of 
> view without thinking them through, echoing more what we have been 
> told (or, really, bombarded with...). 
> As to the 'ignorant waking state' comment, that wasn't meant to label 
> you either. I was just stating the justification [for war] from the 
> minds of those making such a decision.
> Thanks for bringing this up though. No offense meant to you.

  I know, Jim. I didn't take offense. I was exaggerating to make a
point, just like I figured you were ;-) 


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