Title: NEW, even easier way to write your letter
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Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 12:51:48 -0800
Subject: NEW, even easier way to write your letter

Dear JFAN supporters
If you've already written your personal letter to lawmakers about Local Control of factory farms -- Fantastic! Thank you!
If not, check out the Fill-in Letter below. It makes it VERY quick and easy. You can either:
  • Copy it into a Word doc,  write your letter between "Dear..."  and "Sincerely," and print it out,  or  
  • Print it out and handwrite the body of your letter,  or  
  • Just write out the complete letter by hand.    
Take the letter to one of the drop-off boxes all over town, including Revelations, Econofoods, Everybody's, and 21st Century Books. We will make photocopies of your letter and address envelopes to each of the lawmakers. You can also download the Fill-in Letter at http://www.jfaniowa.org/JFAN-local-control-letter-Fill-in.doc <http://www.jfaniowa.org/JFAN-local-control-letter-Fill-in.doc> .    

For Tips and Bullet Points to use in your letter, look at the bottom of the JFAN email you received yesterday. But most importantly:
  • Keep it brief -- a few sentences are enough -- up to one page max.    
  • Be heartfelt -- Write about what concerns you  most.
Please pass this on to friends. And ask your friends...."Have you written your letter yet?"

Thanks for participating! Together, we can have a say in what happens to Jefferson County.

JFAN Board
Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, Inc., www.jfaniowa.org <http://www.jfaniowa.org/>              


February     , 2006
Representative Jack Drake ˆ Chairman, House Agricultural Committee
Senator Gene Fraise ˆ Co-chairman, Senate Agricultural Committee
Senator David Johnson ˆ Co-chairman, Senate Agricultural Committee
State Capitol
Des Moines, IA 50319
RE: Local control bill for livestock confinements
Dear Representative Drake and Senators Fraise and Johnson:


Printed name:___________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
 Governor Tom Vilsack
       Representative John Whitaker
       Senator David Miller       
       Jefferson County Board of Supervisors

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