Conference call with Acharya Anandagiri being interviewed by Janet Attwood in India.  
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Date:     Thursday, February 16

Time:     7-8 AM Pacific time, 10-11 AM Eastern

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 Janet Attwood wrote:
 Sri Anandagiri is one of the pillars and key facilitators for
 The Oneness University located 2 hours outside of Chennai.
 A direct disciple of the founders of this university, lovingly
 known as Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, two divine beings (Avatars)
 whose sole mission is to bring all of humanity into the Golden Age.
 Their vision is to fully enlighten 64,000 people in the world.
 As a result, those people will transform the rest of humanity.
 Anandagiri, from a very young age, has dedicated his life to
 spreading the message of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma all across the globe.

 Here is some more background on Sri Anandagiri:

When I first met Anandagiri, I was taken aback by his depth of
wisdom, even though he is only 30 years old. Having traveled
all over India and Nepal interviewing Saints and Sages for the
past year and a half, I felt that my antennae for recognizing
a Saint had become very precise. After sitting with Anandagiri
for only a few minutes, I felt that same unmistakable feeling
that only comes when sitting in the presence of a great Master.

To the 25 million strong network of followers of The Oneness
University across the globe, Anandgiri represents one of the
highest manifestations of consciousness. In a recent discussion
with Anandgiri, I asked him the following questions:

What is the message and main teachings that you are bringing
today to the spiritual seekers of America?

 I have come to bring neither a new teaching nor a new philosophy
 of life; we already have received a huge number of teachings from
different Saints, Sages, Mystics, Philosophers and great thinkers
from different schools of thought. The world is full of philosophies,
religions, esoteric teachings (revealed to the world), spiritual
practices, techniques of self development, etc., that set forth
 beautiful theories and ideas of how we should live or what do we
have to do, to find true "Happiness" in our lives. The question that
I ask you is that after so much reading and listening to different
teachings, is there any real change in our lives? Or, are we just
changing techniques and philosophies, that keep us in rapture for
a period of time, and after a while we find them impossible to follow
and practice? Giving up finally the possibility to attain a real and
deep change in our lives?

 We, as a spiritual movement, ask you two questions: Are you suffering?
 And, Do you want to be free from this suffering? If your answer
 is affirmative to both questions, we embrace you, and then our
 Foundation can help you.

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