I am told by one close friend, a physician trained in the movement, Chopra's one book on ayurveda was written by two other popular movement docs--presumably with their permission, to 'get the knowledge out'. It was just polished, edited and published.

On Feb 17, 2006, at 9:21 AM, feste37 wrote:

Bob B has a point. I remember reading one of Chopra's books and being 

shocked at how he used not only MMY"s ideas but also MMY's exact phrases. 

There was not an original thought in the book, and yet nowhere was there any 

acknowledgement of MMY. I remember seeing somewhere later that he said 

he did this because, since he and the movement had split, he didn't want to 

embarrass them by mentioning MMY in his books. But that seemed to me a 

poor excuse. For me, it was a matter of proper acknowledgement of debts and 

sources -- what you would expect from any honest writer.  Chopra is often 

described as a "thinker," but it was MMY who supplied him with the thoughts 

that he later used to become rich and successful. He owes almost everything 

to MMY, in my opinion. 

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