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> > > Bob B has a point. I remember reading one of Chopra's books and 
> > > being shocked at how he used not only MMY"s ideas but also 
> > > exact phrases. There was not an original thought in the book, 
> > > yet nowhere was there any acknowledgement of MMY. I remember 
> > > somewhere later that he said he did this because, since he and 
> > > movement had split, he didn't want to embarrass them by 
> > > MMY in his books. But that seemed to me a poor excuse. For me, 
> > > was a matter of proper acknowledgement of debts and sources -- 
> > > you would expect from any honest writer.  Chopra is often 
> > > described as a "thinker," but it was MMY who supplied him with 
> > > thoughts that he later used to become rich and successful. He 
> > > almost everything to MMY, in my opinion.
> > 
> > I'm no Chopra fan, and I agree that he owes his
> > success in very large part to MMY.
> > 
> > However, I would be very surprised if the TMO had
> > not *asked* him to avoid referring to MMY--if not
> > *demanded* that he do so--because they did not want
> > him trading on his past association with MMY to
> > lend legitimacy to his own teaching.
> > 
> > Chopra may not have any truly original ideas, but he
> > has rather sharply departed from MMY's teaching in
> > many respects, especially into the kind of New Age
> > mood-making that MMY inveighs against (not that there
> > isn't mood-making in the TMO, of course, but it's of
> > a different sort).
> > 
> > For him to claim that not mentioning MMY was his own
> > idea is most likely untrue, but it would be
> > unreasonable to expect him to admit it was because the
> > TMO didn't want people to think Chopra's teachings had
> > MMY's stamp of approval.
> > 
> > So he's kind of between a rock and a hard place on
> > this; he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.
> There would have been no successful marketing of Maharishi Ayurved 
> the general public without Chopra.  MMY specifically recruited 
> to supply the theoretical underpinings and medical creditials
> necessary to market M-ayurved.  It's clear from most the tapes
> involving MMY and Chopra discussing ayurved that Chopra is the one
> coming up with the theoretical knowledge and the marketing catch
> phrases that people would relate to.  Chopra's books and seminars 
> hugely successful in the US.  In fact for yrs they were about the 
> thing bringing people into the centers to learn TM and into the
> clinics to do panchakarma.  Who else in the mov't had the
> intelligence, medical credentials, and communications skills to 
> real people like that??  MMY?  Averbach and Rothenstein??  No way,
> they could reach Ffld sidhas, but not the average Joe.  
> To me you're hopelessly biased if you think Chopra was not a very
> original thinker and the MMY-Chopra relationship mutually 
> beneficial.

I think you may have misread what I was saying.
I was *defending* him in the post you're responding
to.  Bit of a knee-jerk there, perhaps?

>  Just how well are initiations and M-ayurved clinic visits going in
> the US since Chopra left the movt?  Yeah all the original thinkers
> left in the mov't are doing a bang up job of accomplishing things
> aren't they?
> And what more could have been accomplished? Chopra was successfully
> putting together a high powered group of influential people to 
> consciousness-based solutions in both medicine and other fields -
> admission to this group required a net worth of $100 million or 
> nationally elected politician.  Chopra led retreat-seminars with 
> periodically.  I knew people in DC in this group.  No-one else in 
> movt had the ability to attract this caliber of individual.  Chopra
> wouldn't allow Bevan to come speak to this group about getting 
> elected president in 1992 (for obvious reasons) and that was the
> beginning of the end for Chopra and the mov't.  
> Now tmers bash Chopra as an unethical hack when he actually did more
> for the mov't than bevan and all his cronies put together.

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