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 I never think of such inter-

actions with teachers in terms of darshan or

transmission; it's not as if they were really

*doing* anything. All that was necessary was to

be in their presence and then "recognition" took

over. In them I could *recognize* attributes of

myself that I was not using, and they were. Same

with some of the geographical power places.

Makes me think of how Fairfield's Wednesday evening

satsang works.

Like earthworms maybe?

"Masters of old lashed out at those who claimed to be 

enlightened yet refused to be tested, calling them 

"earthworms living in the slime of self-validated 


-Philip Kapleau Roshi

How many were tested by their teachers? would be my 

question--but I think I already know the answer.

Well, duh. The "tests" were devised by those who 

were protected their followings. Whether or not

they had any veracity depends entirely on whether

one believes the creator of the "test." *Exactly*

like "TM science."  :-)

Naw, one just needs an authentic teacher.

In this case the tests were devised to eliminate the error of maintaining a false View and to avoid falling into error. Understand that falling into to error could mean an entire lifetime wasted on egocentric bullshit. Having witnessed masters test a good number of students--including myself--I can tell you such testing is an incredible learning tool. For example much suffering and potential error could be eliminated in the Neo- and Pseudo-advaita people if they simply knew how to give "pointing-out instructions" which enabled one to continue in an authentic way.

In no testing system that I am aware of is there an underlying intent to "protect their followings". Since, in the example of a pointing-out instruction, the state of enlightenment is directly transmitted, there is no "belief" necessary.

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