--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Great 2 cents. Here's mine. We're talking about 
> identification, right, 

If still identifed you are. 

>in different states of
> attention. Some prefer to identify with the 
> POV of the state of attention in which they 
> are not the doer,

This is rich. "they are not the doer" -- if there is no doer, there is
certainly no "they". 

> and value it higher than 
> the POV from other states of attention. 

Valuing one infinity more than another. Keep going. The laughter is

> prefer identifying with the POV of the state 
> of attention in which they are the doer. But 
> either way, aren't they both still identifying 
> with a particular state of attention, and a
> the point of view that goes with that state
> of attention?

hahah. Not if there is no identification. Which seems something you
have a hard time identifying with. :)

> Another possibility, as I see it, 

If "you" are seeing it, "you" are identified with "you". "I am the

> is to 
> identify with none of them, to be comfortable
> with whatever state of attention happens to
> be predominant at the time. 

Lack of identification is not a "choice". But it may be fun mental
pseudo spiritual gymnastics. 

>If it's an I-am-
> the-doer kinda day, be comfortable with every-
> thing you do. If it's more of a not-the-doer
> kinda day, be comfortable with everything
> you don't do. If both doer and nondoer happen 
> to be running concurrently, be cool with that.

Cool. Now its my turn to tell you what my imaginations are.

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