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> > > And whose radar were you trying to fly under?
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> > 
> > The radar that would have activated if we bought them all from 
> > same bookstore because this would have been counted as 
> > an "institutional sale."
> > 
> > > Denial is a wonderful thing.
> > 
> > Buying books for people who had said they were already going to 
buy a 
> > book is NOT instutitional selling, but it would have triggered 
> > flag had we done it the way the Scientologists did. Of course, 
> > OTHER difference between what we did and what the Scientologists 
> > is that we didn't keep the books in a warehouse someplace. No-one 
> > made a profit or had a loss by doing what we did, unlike the 
> > Scientology strategy, where they ate the cost of thousands or 
> > hundreds of thousands of books in order to make L Ron Hubbarda 
> > seller for every publication.
> Sorry, because you were less deceptive than Scientologists -- faint
> praise -- doesn't make you non-deceptive.
> > We concentrated the buying TIME of people who were already going 
> > make a purchase by going to the store for them. 
> Yup, just like accelerating earnings contrary to Generally Accepted
> Accounting Practices (GAAP). Enron just "bought time" to fool
> investors. You bought time to fool buyers and bestseller list 
> >Scientology bought 
> > the books and then resold them to the bookstores.
> > 
> > BIG difference. Sorry that you're so paranoid that you can't see 
> Paranoid? Of what prey tell?

Of how evil the TMO is. What we did was neither against the law, nor 
unethical. We simply deliberately concentrated sales by Chopra fans 
into the first week or two of sales, rather than letting them buy 
over a periodof months. Since everyone was already going to buy a 
book (I certainly didn't spend $20/copy without making sure that I 
had someone waiting to pay me back), it didn't change anything save 
raise flags in the publishers evaluation. Since Chopra is STILL a 
best-selling author 10 years or so later, its not like we deceived 
anyone. We simply primed the pump.

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