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> > > Whatever floats your boat.  :-)
> > > 
> > > As long as we're dealing with speculation, I 
> > > think you're pretty heavily invested in not 
> > > being responsible for your own decisions and 
> > > actions. Something in you doesn't believe that 
> > > they could ever be perfect if it was "you" that
> > > made the decisions. So you like to believe that 
> > > the universe goes to the trouble of making them 
> > > all for you.
> > 
> > It isn't about one set of decisions/actions that you
> > would make if you were "in charge" versus a different
> > set that would be made if the universe were "in charge."
> > It's the same set of decisions/actions in both cases.
> > The only difference is your experience of who/what is
> > "in charge" of them.
> Perhaps "an interpretation of the experience" might be more 
> accurate...

Bingo. You're on a roll today. Some are convinced
that their subjective experience of Brahman *is*
Brahman, or that "they" are Brahman while that
experience is going on. My view is that there is
a state of attention from which one can experience
Brahman, but it's still Just Another State Of
Attention. All states of attention are open to

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