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> why -- if you truly
> believe that the universe runs everything

I have not followed all of this thread -- so I may not have seen this
"quote" but its my impression that this is a false simplification of
Trinity's view. 

Regardless, you appear to be setting up a false dichotomy: either a)
"I run everything (in my life)" or b) the universe is micro managed
and 'someone' runs it all.

Neither fits my experience -- and the view stemming from it: 
Each component of the world is both reactive and learning. On the
level of human action, senses work according to their inherent nature.
Mind reacts to sensory input reacts according to its inherent nature.
Mind reacts to memories and "habits" according to its inherent nature.
Memories and "habits" unfold according to their inherent natures. The
intellect churns away and analyzes what the mind brings it,
distinguishing this from that, and assessing "value". 

There is no "I" doing all of this. There is no "I" necessary to turn
on the "eye" and guides the retina and inner cones and all, directing
resulting electrical impulses  to the brain, operating the brains
functioning, etc. It simply happens. According to the nature of the
eye and brain. 

There is no "I" that directs my heart to beat. There is no "I" that
structures thoughts and has them appear in my mind. Thoughts HAPPEN!
(My god man,weren't you every properly checked?! :) ) 

The intellect, senses, heart, memory, mind all do their thing. It
seems the height of comedy if not theivery to claim, "I did it" --
whether in creating the eye and directing its inner funcioning, making
thoughts appear, making the intellect work etc. 

If you REALLY think that YOU are the thinker of thoughts, then turn it
off. Suspend all thoughts RIGHT NOW. If you can't, how can you claim
to be the force behind their creation?

Many "get" all this regarding thoughts. "Yes, you are right, thoughts
happen. But "I" make the decisions around here." (As many husbands are
deluded into thinking.)  Its a more subtle thing, but the intellect
also "happens". It has its skills and "nature". It does its thing
without any help from a guiding "I". But by its nature, it can seem
like it is an "I", an independent decider. Because it appears to be
able to choose this or "I" arises.

But ever ask a group of kids  if they want some cake? There is no
"real" choice. (I once saw SSRS point this out once, in a real life
situation of kids running for cake. It was hilarious. And so true.)

A big breathtrough occurs,in my experience,when the intellect figures
out that it is NOT the "I". And that it is NOT what remains when no
"I", no director,no doer, is found. As many point out, the intellect
cannot understand "effulgence" / "unboundedness", but it can
effectively point out  what is NOT that. Neti Neti. When it realizes
--per its own nature -- that it is neither the "I", nor "purusha", it
wakes up into adulthood.

> and that
> no one in it is really "doing" anything -- you keep
> suggesting that I change my behavior and/or my
> beliefs?  

I can't speak for Trinity, (but from what I have read of his posts, he
appears to be saying the same thing as above, perhaps with minor
variations), but there is nothing inconsistent with the above
"apparatus" (senses, mind,memory, intellect) all working according to
their inherent natures, without any guidance from a "I", "director" or
"doer" -- promoting change in the world, in others, and in themselves. 

The apparatus is not only reactive, it is highly adaptive and a
"learning machine". Children absorb everything around them and learn
how to "funcion" quite naturally. Its their nature to learn. That
nature never ceases. The apparatus gets feedback from all quarters.
The intellect determines what feedback is useful (per its nature
--which may be limited at the moment).  It adopts "useful" things. 

Trinity and any number of things are part of your feedback mechanisms.
They, the  whole universe for that matter, provide you constant
feedback - according to their natures. According to the nature of your
apparatus, you constantly utilize or reject the myriad of feedback you

No "DOER" in any of this. Events happen. Sensory experience happen.
Thoughts happen. Feedback happens. Intellect making distinctions and
weighing "value" happens. 

Where is the paradox or contradiction?

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