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> > Well, I'm of a different opinion. I'd probably be quite 
> > (over)sensative to any Scandinavian jokes if the rest of 
> > the world was ripping our wealth from us harrasing us 
> > infiltrating our governments hunting us fighting us invading
> > us humiliating us forcing us to our knees. They are 
> > desperate. I can see it is very comforting looking at 
> > them as being different from and inferior to us. Sooner 
> > or later a whiplash is bound to occur though, that's common
> > sense. Better make it softer by not creating any more 
> > terrible karma. Arrogance can only last so long.
> It's lasted for almost 800 years, since the 
> Crusades. And with reason. Muslims have been
> treated like the niggers of the world since
> then,

Actually, Barry, black Africans and those of black African descent 
have been treated like "the niggers of the world since then", NOT 

It is the opposite of what you say above: Muslims and Arabs in 
general actively and vigorously persued a policy of slave-trading in 
said black Africans...indeed, even to this day.

> starting with a systematic campaign on
> the part of Europeans to put them down and
> regard them as less than human after those
> same Europeans got their butts kicked in the
> Crusades themselves.
> That said, what we're talking about is, in 
> Buddhist terminology, *attachment*. The people
> who are overreacting to these cartoons are 
> angry because they are *attached* to their
> beliefs. They cannot tell the difference 
> between someone poking fun at those beliefs
> and someone attacking them physically. They
> honestly believe that they *are* their beliefs.
> The *same* thing happened in Europe and America
> with regard to Christianity. A bunch of attached
> people grew so fearful of anyone laughing at
> the things they held sacred or treating them
> lightly that they killed hundreds of thousands
> of people for doing it. Remember the Inquisition?
> The solution is not, in my opinion, to cave, to
> submit to these dogma-bullies, but to *continue*
> to express oneself -- whether that expression
> happens as humor, or academic criticism, or in
> whatever fashion it manifests itself. If a bunch
> of people hadn't stood up for their right to
> think for themselves, we'd still have the 
> Inquisition. 
> Oh...wait...we still *do* have the Inquisition.
> It was officially disbanded in the 1950s, but
> the current Pope brought it back.  Never mind. :-)
> Anyway, as you can tell, I'm a fan of humor and
> laughter with regard to spirituality and spiritual
> beliefs. I don't have the exact quote with me, but
> here's the gist of what one teacher said on the
> subject: "Any spiritual organization that has lost
> the ability to laugh at the things it considers
> holy for fear of losing their way has already
> lost their way."

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