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> >   Dear TM teachers and Sidhas,
> >  
> > I recently heard that many people are not learning TM because 
they go
> > on the Internet and read a lot of negativity.  
> People are not learning TM because: the price is exorbitant; 
> beneficial competing techniques are now available;

...and the door has opened by none other than MMY himself for non-
certified TM teachers teaching TM outside the TMO:

May 24, 2003 Press Conference


Maharishi: What I have taught, because it has
it's eternal authenticity in
the vedic literature and you should know that,
how many? 30 - 40 thousand
teachers of TM I have trained and many of them
have gone on their own and
they may not call it Maharishi's TM but they are
teaching it in some
different name here and there. So there's a lot
of these, artificial things
are going on, doesn't matter, as long as the man
is getting something useful
to make his life better, we are satisfied.

> 99% of TM teachers
> have been decertified and not allowed to teach; recertified 
> tend to come across as culty to normal folks; local tm teachers are
> focused on real estate projects not teaching anyway; the tmo has
> generated much well deserved ill will over the years based on how 
> dealt with people and other spiritual mov'ts.
> "Negativity" on the web is an insignificant factor on initiations 
>  In fact the TMO PR machine itself probably turns off more people 
> its press releases on kings, sat yuga, tearing down the capitals of
> europe, trying to sell $trillions in phony bonds, denoucing 
> etc. etc.  Does David OJ really think online chat among skeptics 
> off more people to TM than MMY comparing Bush to Hitler and calling
> the entire country of England demonic??
> Anyway, I'm glad David OJ is doing his website - hopefully it will
> stimulate intelligent discussion among scientists on the ME.  IMO, 
> first job should be to inspire a genuinely objective scientific 
> to replicate one of the decent ME studies - until then no amount of
> statistical talk will neutralize skepticism about them.
> I am appalled at the
> > ignorance and hostility rampant on the Web that has gone 
uncorrected. I
> > intend to address these claims and shed some factual information 
> > them on my new web site, which is called TruthAboutTM.com.  This 
> > material that we have developed over the years in dealing with 
> > issues.
> >  
> >  As you will see on my Homepage, I am taking the stance of 
someone who
> > is very familiar with the research and the TM organization, but 
who is
> > no longer officially affiliated with it. My intention is that 
this will
> > be a resource for you to arm yourself  for dealing with these 
> > and the place that you can direct others to, including 
reporters, who
> > may want more information about any of these points.
> >  
> > The web site addresses such issues as "are all meditation 
> > the same?", and the usual questions about cults, religion, court 
> > and criticisms of the research.  In addition, I intend 
> > to be a resource of the latest information on the research, 
> > research on Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, 
and the
> > Maharishi Effect.  The reader will be able to download:
> >  
> > ·         Annotated Bibliography of the Collected Papers, 
Volumes 1-5,
> > 430 papers Covering the Period from 1970-1990
> > ·         List of 219 papers on TM Research, 1990-Present
> > ·         List of 51 studies on the Maharishi Effect, plus  
another nine
> > review papers
> > ·         List of 160 journals where TM research has been 
> > ·         Summaries of key studies on the Maharishi Effect
> > ·         and much more.
> >  
> > I hope that you will have time to look over the web site, and to 
> > suggestions, or to make further points, or to improve on any of 
> > points.  As you will see, it is a work in progress, which will 
> > go on for some time.  But I felt that there is enough posted now 
> > it could be useful to you, and I would appreciate your feedback.
> >  
> > Jai Guru Dev,
> > David
> >  
> >  
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