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> > Sent to me by a couple of people:
> > 
> > Here's a very interesting question and answer from Maharishi. The
> > reporter asks a question I'd be reluctant to ask myself but I am
> > interested in the answer.
> > 
> > Question: Maharishi, so many gurus‹people like yourself‹have 
given so
> > much thought to the direction of the world and have tried to 
lead great
> > numbers of people in their direction. But by the very nature of 
> > personalities and their own thinking, one has to wonder what 
happens to
> > their Movements when they¹re no longer around. Would you like to
> > speculate on what will happen to the ideas of the Maharishi 
whenever the
> > day comes when he¹s not here to give us his own personal 
> > Question from Arthur Max, Associated Press reporter who was here 
> > Vlodrop for this press conference.
> > 
> > Maharishi: Doesn¹t matter. There is a phrase; Man is the master 
of his
> > own destiny. So the destiny of every man doesn¹t depend on the 
> > of Maharishi or his absence. Man is the master of his own 
> > Maharishi is showing a way. Who comes on the lighted way, he¹ll 
get to
> > the target, he¹ll get to the goal of the way, those who don¹t, 
> > don¹t, that¹s all. Man has a choice.
> > 
> > Education is so very limited today. Whether this generation 
> > the words of Maharishi or not. Those who will understand will be 
> > off, they¹ll be the master of their own destiny. Others will 
> > slaves of circumstances and situations, doesn¹t matter. 
> > message does not remain limited to his physical body. This is the
> > message that was there before the body of Maharishi, and it will 
> > there when the body of Maharishi will not come up. So these are 
waste of
> > thoughts, no?
> > 
> > This is from the February 1st '06 Press Conference
> >
> When did he start referring to himself in the third person?  Did he
> get that from Amma, or is it a common thing in that tradition?

It was right after he saw a Seinfeld episode:


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