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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, t3rinity <no_reply@> wrote:
> > > If not, then I suggest that you 
> > > continue to believe what you've chosen to believe 
> > > and I will continue to believe what I've chosen 
> > > to believe (until I don't believe it any more). :-)
> > 
> > Well, I choose to believe, because I believe it, that 
> > is I don't really have a choice ;-)
> I agree that that's what you believe.
> And it's cool that you choose to believe it. Because,
> after all, you *have* that choice. You just don't
> like to admit that you have it.  :-)

Just in case you don't get it, this last part
was just my tongue-in-cheek rendering of the 
"same old same old" discussion we tend to have
over and over and over.

You are a determinist; you like to believe that
free will does not exist. And that's just *fine*
with me. But at the same time, you tend to argue
that because *you* believe it, it's somehow "true"
and that I am laboring under an illusion to believe
in free will, that I am *wrong* to believe it. 
That's *not* cool. I'm just trying to poke fun at 
you a little bit to help you realize this.

The bottom line is that you, according to what you
have written here, have had *both* the experience
that you "were the doer" *and* the experience that
you were "not the doer." You have *chosen* to 
believe that *one* of these experiences was "higher"
or "more true" or "more correct" on some cosmic
scale of correctness or truth than the other, so
you have *chosen* to favor the experience that
you were "not the doer," valuing it over your
other experiences of "being the doer."

That's cool. Everybody gets to believe whatever
they want. But in my opinion you *did* choose to
favor one of these experiences over the other.
I have chosen not to. I believe that *both* are
completely valid experiences, each completely
reflective of How The Universe Works, just seen
from different points of view. Neither of the two
experiences is "higher" or "better" or "more true"
to me. On a pragmatic level, in terms of what to
believe *most of the time*, as a way of living 
one's life most effectively, I honestly believe 
that it is far more productive to believe that 
one *is* the doer than to believe that one is not. 
So that's my "modus operandi belief" on a day-
to-day basis.

You have chosen another. But IMO you really *did*
choose.  :-)  :-)  :-)

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