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TorquiseB writes: snipped

 Those who say

that they have experienced the goal that is shared

by pretty much the entire group (for example, 

enlightenment) are regularly dissed by those in

the group who have not had such an experience.

One would think they'd be happy that someone is

actually getting what they paid for, but the 

reality is sadly often the opposite.

Tom T:

Particularly here. If I ain't got it how dare you

even insinuate that

you even have a whiff of it. You are not worthy nor

do you have all

the requirements that has been heard on numerous

courses 30 long years

ago forgotten are all the details of even where this

course was but

the exact way it has to be, to be awake has been

memorized in

concrete. Go figure. Quite funny actually.

Tom T

And sad. A collective cheer should go up for

realization, not a hiss. The kiss of Mara.

I'm guessing this would be a bad time to bring up the possibility that the mutual complicity inherent in satsang culture is actually Spiritual Codependence?

Never mind then!

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