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So much about responsibility!

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> A Quote to Wake Up To
> "Many mistakenly feel relieved from the burden of responsibility for  
> their own behaviour because of erroneous conclusions drawn from their  
> spiritual experiences of no-separation. Realising that "everything is  
> the self," they concluded that therefore there was nothing and nobody  
> to be responsible for. In this way of thinking, responsibility  
> implies duality, and any notion of responsibility is therefore seen  
> to be an expression of ignorance. In this view almost any form of  
> conduct becomes acceptable-when one proponent was asked why he  
> habitually acted rudely and with dishonesty, he said "Oh, that's not  
> real, that's just my personality." Another student said, "Nothing  
> matters because it's all Self." Others have answered with incredulity  
> when asked about responsibility for behaviour, "How can there be  
> responsibility in freedom? Who's responsible?"…..Many people do have  
> profound experiences when exposed to such teachings, but the  
> teachings usually have the effect of enslaving a person to a deluded  
> view that they are completely free simply because they have had a  
> glimpse of the fact that there never could have been a separate  
> entity who could be bound in the first place. It is at this point the  
> Advaita view, as it is frequently proclaimed these days, becomes  
> patently ridiculous. Such a view can make a person extremely  
> confident, because any difficulty that one is faced with, from within  
> or without, can be "Advaited" by saying that it is all unreal or all  
> the Self anyway….. However, this confidence becomes a form of  
> arrogance, a form of self-delusion, when it is used to avoid one's  
> own difficulties or areas of avoidance in order to obliterate the  
> uncomfortable, dualistic facts of one's own situation. The Advaita  
> view can paralyse a person and prevent him or her from sober self- 
> introspection because to consider one's "self" is to entertain  
> illusion, is to deny one's own realisation, is to embrace the falsity  
> of dualism. In this way, the opportunity to truly be free to face any  
> difficulty or imperfections in one's own character is destroyed. Any  
> desire to change anything, in this view, is seen to be coming from  
> the ego, from ignorance, because change implies separation and only  
> ego could want change."
> -Andrew Cohen
> Unless a person is perfectly, fully and finally Liberated by these  
> (Advaita) teachings (a very rare event) their lives will be to some  
> extent an expression of duality and an expression of ignorance.

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