--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer 
> first news of MD in FF
> > 
> Dear Sponsors and Friends,
>    I wanted to take a moment to write

(I've been bored stiff)

 and thank you
> all for your good attention and support

(keep it coming)

 as I, and all
> of US Mother Divine, have been moving from NC to
> Fairfield these past couple months.  We got limited
> internet access this week, but we still have no
> personal phones, so please forgive my long delay in
> communicating!

(It took me a while to stop crying)

>    I can feel that Nature utilized our move for some
> deep clearing out on both an individual and cosmic
> level. 

(Called an eviction notice)

 Of course, individual is cosmic!

(But of course)

  Although we
> miss the beautiful NC mountains, life feels simplier
> here beneath wide-open Iowa skies. 

(Gota love those pearly white teeth)

 We are finally
> free of the complexities of the Kaplans, and have
> gained the blessed coherence of the domes.

(If only they could repair the roof, so water doesn't keep dripping 
on my head)

> Fairfield friends have given us an enthusiastic
> welcome. 

(The ones I could recognize, anyway)

Even though we are a few miles "out" on the
> prairie, and don't see them often, we can feel the
> warmth here.
)That warmth came in handy during the past few weeks
> of subzero temperatures and ice storms!  I can only
> describe it as being like an explorer, holding down a
> barren outpost in Antarctica...the wind whipping
> around the long line of our "barracks", the flat ice
> fields stretching endlessly in all directions...one
> kept wondering,"is this the moon?"

(Did you lift some of this from Walt Whitman)

>    Then,I'd notice tiny lights of farms on the
> horizon, and the startling clarity of many more tiny
> lights forming the constellations above.  Quickly,the
> realization would come...no,not the moon,
> "This is Iowa!" 

(On second thought, I guess you didn't)

>    The joke circulating in Fairfield was that Mother
> Divine's influence lowered the entr opy and thus the
> temperatures. 

(So original)

 Whatever the case, the transcendent was
> a nice place to cozy up in when the winds blew.  :)
>    The time indoors gave Mother Divine lots of
> opportunity for unpacking,interior decorating, and
> spontaneous popcorn parties.


  Now our barracks feel
> much more like cottages---and home.
>    Personally, I've been enjoying greater silence and
> nice breakthroughs in program, and I know I'm not
> alone in this.  Soon we'll have the Maharishi channel
> too!

(Oh, joie devivre)

>    It's heartening to see the fields turn to mud
> again...the nice thick, black Iowa kind that will
> produce great grass in the spring.  Yesterday, some
> friends walked way out in the western field and
> discovered a 100 or so cows of Radiance Dairy!

(Good Gopi training) 

> sattvic to have them as neighbors.
>    I really hope that Mother Divine's presence in
> Vedic City helps bring more prosperity, ease, and
> innocent bliss to Fairfield.  The folks here are so
> deserving, keeping their hearts lit with Maharishi's
> knowledge all of these years.  Now it's time for the
> Light of God to blaze forth in great spiritual and
> material blessings for them. 

(Don't give up the food stamps just yet)

 And for all of
> us---which includes me and you!
>    There is still lots to do to set up here,
> but I wanted to write and say, "I made it" and... I've
> been thinking of you all.
>    Sending lots of love,
> Jai Guru Dev,
> Nancy
> "Love, life, God, enjoy." 

Is this a TM trademark yet.  How about Maharishi's Love, liffe, God, 



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