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> > Why does T/M cost so much to join? A little help?
> MMY decided to target the elite since they are the most 
> influential members of society and most likely to be able 
> to donate large sums of money if they are so inclined.

And as a result of this focus, the number of people
learning TM has plunged to near-zero worldwide, 
indicating that what Maharishi seems to be most
interested in is money, and *not* in helping people 
by teaching them a valuable technique of meditation.

An interesting "test case" seems to be about to take
place in the Florida courts, in which the organization
that claims it wants to spread TM to as many people as
possible is suing a TM teacher who is teaching TM for 
the price he's always taught it.

He has not only refused to raise his prices because the 
TM organization demands that he do so, he has refused
to pay that organization several thousand dollars to
be "recertified" at teaching something he was fully
certified to teach years ago. It should be interesting 
to see how the TM organization defends its position in 

The fascinating exchange in that case, in my opinion, is 
going to be when the fellow's lawyer asks the "official, 
recertified" teachers, under oath, how many people have 
been instructed in TM *in the entire world* in the last 
year at the "official" price, and that number turns out 
to be less than the number of people that the teacher 
they are suing has taught in one small town in Florida 
during the same period. 

The bottom line is that "TM" is just a brand name for a
made-up technique of meditation that is (in my opinion
as a former TM teacher) no better than any other tech-
nique of meditation, less effective than many, and more
likely to produce negative side effects than most. Shop
around...you'll find that there are people out there who
still care more about helping people by teaching them a
useful technique of meditation for free or at a reason-
able price than they care about making money. But you 
won't find them in the TM movement.

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