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Always keep a light-saber handy.


"It is no surprise that Westerners mainly find false gurus. When you  

have cheated your own guru in the past why should you not be cheated  

on now? You get what you pay for; that is the Law of Karma."

"So why is this? Why do most of the people in the West want knowledge  

from the wrong motive, and get only cheats as gurus?"

"Why? Because most Westerners are asuras at heart. All the  

celestials, including the asuras, have to go somewhere when they fall  

down to earth. Many of the asuras--who are very fond of indulging  

themselves with meat, alcohol and sex, remember--have been born in  

the West, where they continue to indulge themselves. Occasionally one  

of them wakes up, a little; but because asuras are egotistical they  

conclude, as soon as they learn a little, that they know everything.  

Almost as soon as they learn how to meditate they start calling  

themselves gurus. But what do they really know of Indian wisdom?  

Nothing! They are still just probing our spirituality now. They will  

be learning spiritual things from us for the next 500 years. Even the  

dog of one of our Rishis could teach them for one hundred years and  

still have more to teach. Westerners are so far behind us in  

spirituality that to shine out among them is nothing. It is child's  

play for our so-called swamis to go abroad and try to impress all the  

monkeys over there with their so-called knowledge. I can tell you one  

thing: A real guru will come to the Westerners only when they decide  

that they are ready for real knowledge, and they invite Shukracharya  

[rishi and guru of the demons]...

...They won't need to search for him; when they are sincerely ready  

he will appear. They are his disciples, he is responsible for them.  

It is a great blessing to be guru or king to a bunch of asuras,  

because you are in a position to improve them. Unfortunately they  

tend to fall back into their old habits very easily, since their  

innate natures cannot change. Even Shukracharya tires of them now and  

again. I call people asuras when even though they have the desire for  

sadhana they cannot seem to follow the basic rules of discipline. I  

am willing to try to help such people out, but most of them are by no  

means ready for spirituality yet and I grow tired, of them too."

from "Karma" by Robert Svoboda

detailing a conversation between the Aghori Vimalananda And Robert  


That comes across to me as spiritually elitist ego chow, but I suppose

it could also just be the paradox of Brahman. 

If you're not familiar with "Vimalananda" and his approach via Svoboda's rendering of his teachings, it might just seem bizarre. My guess is for most orthodox TMers / students of meditation, reading "Aghora" (the first work he wrote) will be a total mind-f*ck as it destroys some cherished illusions. It's one of the few books I've ever had to put down because I was laughing so hard.

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