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> The premise of TM is that it enriches all areas of life 
> because it "enlivens" the substrate of life, pure 
> consciousness. We don't notice consciousness is 
> missing because it's flat and featureless. Maharishi 
> said this is the one experience that's missing; add 
> it, and you'll benefit. And that's pretty much what 
> most of us have experienced.
> Peter Sutphen has posited that most TMers are 
> saturated with that flat awareness to the point 
> that they're ripe to bursting if given a practice 
> that "pulls it out," so to speak. The sidhis do 
> that to an extent, but many seem to profit from 
> something else.
> If this premise is true, it would make sense that 
> anything we do after doing TM would bring 
> noticeable results. Those results might make 
> TM look bad, but remember that TM brings 
> flatness, not flash.
> I've mentioned here before about how a TM 
> teacher at the Iowa City Center back in the 
> day, Susan Isaacs, once commented about 
> how flat everything is. There was a reason 
> for that.
> As for non-TMers getting great results from 
> Vortex Healing, or whatever: if the notion of 
> collective consciousness is valid, and collective 
> consciousness is on the rise as even non-TMers 
> say it is, people who pursue spiritual and self-
> development practices today will get better results 
> than those of us who learned back in the day.
> I was always impressed by and envious of people 
> who'd learn TM from me in the '80s and early '90s, 
> the last times I taught, because their experiences 
> were so textbook clear. Those people really 
> demonstrated to me the validity of collective 
> consciousness theories.
> In summary, I think it's great that all these practices 
> other than TM are generating such great results for 
> people. I'd like to get me some of those myself. But 
> I don't consider those results to negate the value of 
> TM. On the contrary, for the reasons above, those 
> great results could be construed as validating 
> Maharishi's premise that everything gets better with 
> TM, and that his programs contribute to a rise in
> collective consciousness.

This is very much the way I feel it is, too.  When I read 
Nisargadatta and began to supplement my regular TM (sans sidhi) 
practice with regular Self-Inquiry (atma vichara) I was, first of 
all, amazed at how powerful "AV" was and secondly, how surprising 
that was because all it seemed to do was to isolate what was already 
quite familiar, both in meditation and out, but somehow unnoticed.  
It made me laugh to realize that the "Self" really was the Self.  

My attention had been on the finger for too long.

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