I'm outa this, having written a "let's let it drop"
note to t3rinity, and having meant it. 

On the other hand, I just can't wait to see how you
rip MDG a new one for his latest novel...uh...I mean
post...if *it* gets your dander up.  :-)  :-)  :-)

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Irmeli Mattsson" 
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> > Bhakti is that thing that t3rinity thinks that Michael
> > Dean Goodman practices, and that he blasted Irmeli for 
> > attacking when she criticized MDG's logic. The fact that, 
> > AFAIK, neither MDG or Irmeli ever used the word 'bhakti'
> > and almost certainly didn't have bhakti in their minds 
> > when they wrote what they wrote has nothing to do with it. 
> > 
> ****
> There are a few things that intrigue me about t3rinity. Does he
> consciously distort our views just because they irritate him? Or 
> he have some sort of dyslexia and he does not properly understand
> written text?
> Or  probably he is not competent in formal operational thinking and
> hence puts together concepts and ideas illogically, forgets what he
> attacked at and claimed in  an earlier post and claims the 
opposite in
> the next post. His rules of throwing out ideas seem to be that 
> something sounds good, and he has heard someone use the phrase, 
and it
> seems to make a good striking weapon at the very moment. He has no
> hesitation using ideas this way even if he one post earlier claimed
> opposite. And there seems to be an ego in him that gets very easily
> hurt. All this points to weak skills in formal operational 
> where principles rule, not the egos needs and hurts.
> He has apparently also found the principles: "attack is the best
> defence" and  " blame others for your own weaknesses" successful
> survival strategies. 
> There he however has made a grave mistake. If he uses these 
> also in his personal relationships, he must have faced many
> disappointments on that front. He most probably blames others for 
> disappointments and cannot see how the problems come from his way 
> relating to others. In this kind of situation he can get a lot of
> consolation from cherishing sentiments of bhakti towards a distant
> guru, with whom he cannot be in personal relationship. And that is
> fine, if it helps him.
> I'm sure he gets furious about this. If he does not, and laughs to
> this nonsense, then I certainly have wrong here.
> I don't feel totally comfortable posting this, but here inside me
> resides also a challenger, who thinks, that an effective way of
> confronting certain repeating dysfunctional patterns, is by trying 
> bring  the structures to the open, even if it might cause some
> turmoil. I really find t3rinity's way of communicating appalling.
> Irmeli

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