Title: Anandanugata samadhi
Maharishi - - - - - - - "For the students of yoga, this state of laughter and smile is called anandanugata samadhi., and the other state, all tranquility and crystal consciousness, is called asmitanugata - both are samadhi.  In the yoga books you might have read how difficult is the state of samadhi, but with this meditation, it's just automatic.
                            "Regarding meditation it is said in the Upanishads that even if there is a mountain of karma extending for miles, it will be burnt away by this meditation which is of transcendental value, which takes the mind to the transcendent.  This is the greatest purifier."
>From the book:  Thirty Years Around the World
                         Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment
                         Volume  One 1957 - 1964
Quotation found on page 431

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