--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> on 3/11/06 7:37 PM, anonyff at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > These were two separate quotes (the one about the exhaust from a bus).
> > 
> > The (other) quote was fairly close to the way I stated it below. Rick,
> > please chime in with details. We were sitting in a room with Maharishi
> > in Livingston Manor when he came for an unannounced visit, not very
> > many, maybe 100+ give or take. He was really po'd about a lot of
> > stuff. They had let many repairs go at LM because no one wanted to
> > take responsibility for having wells dug/repaired, etc. I guess
> > because of the money. Lots of little things like that this kept coming
> > up. 
> > 
> > Somebody-Rick claims him-so he will remember more accurately what
> > precipitated Maharishi's respone. He launched into the fact that
> > getting enlightnened was a process and as near as I can remember he said:
> > 
> > "Every day is life. We don't postpone the present based on the hopes
> > of a more glorious future...It doesn't just happen all at once, it's a
> > process...what makes you think that if you don't enjoy the process you
> > will enjoy being in Unity Consciousness..."
> > 
> > He spoke some more. Rick can add his recollection.
Rick wrote: 
> I have 300+ unread posts in my FFL box, so I just happened to spot this one
> by chance. My recollection was that he said that at a Governors' conference
> in S. Fallsburg, and that I was at the podium at the time, trying to be a
> big shot and attract his attention. I was straining a lot in my life and
> quite out of balance, which may have evoked his comment.

I think I was there, although I don't remember you, Rick.  If it was the same 
conference, I 
DO remember MMY got furious at a young man who was on the staff doing tapes 
printing for the TMO in S.Fallsburg.  I cannot remember what this person had 
done, but 
MMY yelled at him for a full 5 minutes.  I was so shook up, having never seen 
MMY treat 
someone this way. From my perspective it seemed undeserved, because the boy 
tried to 
explain what was really the situation, and MMY would not let him finish and 
continued to 
yell at him in front of all of us.  So the young man gave up trying to explain 
the situation 
and just stood there and took it.

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