Global Press Conference: February 8, 2006 
Dr.     Hagelin: Thank you very much, Maharishi: Maharishi spoke 
last week about how Veda and Vedic literature is the text of Total 
Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe. Maharishi also said 
that through Transcendental Meditation, the text of Total Natural 
Law can be made consciously lively in an individual mind. I always 
understood that meditation takes the mind to the field of silence, 
and I believe I know what that experience is like. But I don't think 
I've experienced the text of Total Natural Law in that silence. How 
and when does the text of Total Natural Law dawn in human awareness? 
What is that experience like? And what is the practical value in 
daily life of experiencing the text of Total Natural Law?

Maharishi: You have to practice advanced techniques of 
Transcendental Meditation. And in those advanced techniques, you'll 
experience, through practice, that which is Total Natural Law, where 
two contradictory values—positive and negative: that is, 
constructive and destructive; that is, collapsing and emerging—the 
two you will see simultaneously, where consciousness on one side is 
language, in terms of sounds, [and] on the other side, in terms of 
physiology. There you will see how the physiology is resulting from 
field of consciousness. It's an experience; it's an experience.
So you take advanced techniques of Yogic Flying, Sidhi program, and 
you will experience that when the mind gradually, gradually becomes 
more capable of refined perception, on that level you'll be able to 
see, "Yes: this is positive, this is negative; this is collapsing, 
this is emerging"—two different values—"This is silence, this is 
dynamism." It's an experience; it's an experience; it's an 
And then you'll see, "Yes"—what is the sound of the Veda, and what 
is the gap between two sounds: the word and the gap and the word and 
the gap. This is what the flow of Veda is. It's an experience on 
your own level of consciousness. 
And there you will feel—and there you will feel: What you'll feel? 
Those agencies which are called Devatas. You'll see the Devatas in 
the words of the Veda, and you'll see different Devatas changing the 
words of the Veda in the gaps. The secret of the Devata is in the 
gaps. And the gap is what you experience in the Transcendental 
That is why the Veda says, "In this field of the collapse within the 
gap, you have the Devata, which makes the abstract—which makes the 
unmanifest—flow." The unmanifest flow is how the gap flows from one 
side of it to the end of it, and then transforms the initial word 
into the following word—the flow. 
Who makes it flow? There must be someone who makes it flow, and 
there must be someone who can start the flow, maintain the flow, and 
end the flow. And these are the agencies, the instruments, the—uh?—
sort of, these are the scientists which start the flow, which 
maintain the flow, and maintain the flow in a particular order; and 
then end the flow. This is the world of the devata. This is the 
world of those agencies which maintain the dynamism in the field of 
It's most delightful, and it's most enjoyable field of knowledge. 
This is Vedic knowledge. It's an experience; it's an experience; 
it's an experience. Take these formulas that we have received from 
Guru Dev and we are giving to the world. There are, I think, a few 
thousand—these teachers of advanced techniques of Transcendental 
So we are providing that experience where the Vedic sounds can be 
recognized what the sounds are—not only the sound, but who is at the 
basis of the sound: the Devata —because the sound flows when it 
flows from one point to the other point, from one to the other, from 
one to the other. Then, in sequence, some other Devata takes over. 
One Devata goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here; 
the other goes from here to here; the other goes from here to here. 
This is the structural dynamics of the Vedic language. This is the 
structural dynamics of the total field of knowledge, which is at the 
basis of all creation, in the field of the unmanifest. 
This is Vedic science: all about what it is there in the field of 
the unmanifest. There's a world of abstract realities in the 
transcendental field. There is a world of that. And that world is 
more competent and more capable than our world, which is limited to 
sensory perception. 
Our world of sensory perception is also governed by the Devatas. 
Eyes have their own Devatas; ears have their own Devatas. It's a 
matter of knowing them—and knowing them on the basis of their causal 
value, the causal value. Because this is not the common education, 
that's why people don't know what is the cause; they just surmise on 
the effect only. But the education should take the people to the 
basic values of transformation. And they are there in the structure 
of the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda. 
It's a world of its own—but that's a world of the eternal existence, 
infinite range of life, infinite possibilities. That is at the basis 
of the unmanifest; that is unmanifest, that is unmanifest. Vedic 
_expression to explain this is Richo akshare parame vyoman / Yasmin 
deva adhi vishve nisheduh: "These richas, the laws of nature, the 
Constitution of the Universe, is in the transcendental field. There, 
in the transcendental field, reside the Veda." The word is reside 
the Veda. So it's not a conceptual reality; it's a physical reality 
which resides somewhere. Where does it reside? It resides in the 
transcendental, self-referral field of consciousness—eternally 
So they are—they are not a concept [laughter]. They are not a 
concept. It's a concept to those who don't know. So not-knowing 
people—stupid people, ignorant people—can say anything and anything 
and anything. 
So we are all right. We would like to close, because I should attend 
to the unmanifest now [laughter]. Dr. Hagelin, give them today's 
news? And bless the world press.

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