Title: FW: Mr. M + money ....
from a fellow in Germany:

After reading this post about Mr. M. and his money, (* down there )
I had a session to look inside and understand what is wrong
in the money scheme in the TMO and the Mr. M.

I saw him with a huge bulk of money, looking at it and being amazed.
So money seems to have some kind of attraction for this Mr. M.

For me, this is the wrong approach to society.
In germ-any, the TMO lost its tax-free status already in the 70s.
And the green party at least stated, that they will be against Mr. M., as long as his financial situation is not transparent....

For me, money is an exchange betw. two hearts.
And it can increase the level of friendship and attraction, when the
exchange is real and truthful for BOTH sides.

Looking how Mr. M. is hording his money, rememberd me of a story
from GD. He was travelling with desciples, one had money. He asked, that the
money was buried somewhere. Than later on, that guy with the original money died.
Coming back to that spot, GD said, if you die, your heart will still hold that money. And that will be seen by a snake, that will curl around the money.

When they where digging up the money, there was a snake, and GD killed it, to free the mind of the former desciple.

Asking Mr. M. inside, why he is doing this kind of destorted money
business, he was looking at his money and said: It`s like all the world is doing it.

Sad for him, because he looked that sad.
I think, he really missed the heart part in the exchange value, of what we call

(here is, how to llok into money from a different point of view...
<http://joergdao.fortunecity.de/cass.html> # )

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