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> > That's really the issue, isn't it? 
> I have a friend in the London area who is an Amma
> devotee, but not the type of western Amma devotee who
> dresses in white asana clothes and refers to herself
> by an Amma-given Indian spiritual name, as most of the
> other hard-core devotees seem to do. Other Amma
> devotees have gotten on her case and suggested to her
> than she act more Indian. This is particularly ironic
> because she is Indian, living her entire life in
> England, but with parents who emigrated there from
> India.  

Yup. It's basically *fashion*, not much different
from those who feel their ass looks better in a
pair of jeans if those jeans have the "right"
designer's name on the butt.  :-)

Gotta have your uniform. White suits or Raja outfits
for the guys, saris for the women. *That's* the
way we demonstrate to the world that we're Just
Folks, just like them, and understand their needs
and desires.

Back when I was a full-time TM teacher, including
the whole period when I was a State Coordinator and
worked for TM National, my personal bit of rebellion
was in terms of poking fun at the "uniform" of the
times for TM guys, business suits. I had to wear
them, but nobody had said anything definitive about
the choice of TIE one wore with the suit.

As a result, I had a bunch of ties with naked women
on them. They were tasteful...Art Nouveau prints,
or ties based on famous paintings, not sleazy...but
they were naked women nonetheless. I wore them 
constantly, and no one ever said anything about
any of them. These days I doubt I'd be allowed in 
the room.

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