"Woe to the man who abuses his former spiritual teacher, for sorrow will come 
to him in the fullness of his days."
The Book of Feste, Chapter 1, verse 1. 

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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Rick Archer 
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> >
> > From a friend:
> > 
> > I saw that press conference live.  I think the 'why
> > don't you teach in the third world for free' question
> > started it down the slippery slope.  At one stage M
> > was monosyllabic in his answers. By the time Hagelin
> > changed to CNN things were at a low ebb, and their
> > questions didn't get answered.  But the NY Times
> > reporter seemed unfazed by it and went on to ask a few
> > more questions via John H at the end of the session.
> > He managed to calm M down by feeding in the odd
> > inspiring question.
> > 
> > The other things I remember her asking which didn't go
> > down well were mentioning the Beatles and Deepak
> > Chopra, wouldn't it be better not to have the 'His
> > Highnesses, His Excellencies, King stuff' - better to
> > concentrate on TM.  She said the Sidhis as she
> > understood it only had people hopping and not actually
> > flying.  Poor old Hagelin looked a bit rattled at
> > times, but he keeps bouncing back.  Pity, cos that
> > reporter was really pretty!
> I didn't see the video and so can't comment on 
> her prettiness, but she certainly was patient
> with a grumpy old coot who doesn't like it when
> he has to deal with real people instead of
> Yes-men.

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