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And the second question, Sunshine:

David JONES: One more question then on that subject, about, and it
the Beatles.  Do you regret, do you regret now having ever become
with them, because then your movement became associated with
you know, you know popular music and so on. Do you regret that

Ah, yes, my mistake, Herr Brigante.

Seems to me that you and a couple of others have put yourselves in the position of viewing almost any and all questions for MMY as being infused with hidden cynicism. They can't be just respectful, they have to be downright reverential. The reporter was simply trying to follow up on his previous question, to which he had gotten a typical non-response. It was a natural question, they are MMY's most famous followers, like it or not, and it could hardly have been a surprise. The reporter was English from an English paper. MMY didn't have to agree to the interview or to talk with the reporter--he wants the publicity but not the questions.

And Judy's comment apropos "Gotcha." Anyone who thinks that a reporter for a respected newspaper is going to take some kind of sick delight in putting an elderly, frail and obviously sick man on the spot...well, that's pretty sick in itself. If he had wanted to make MMY look bad, there are so many other things he could have asked about--the shady business dealings, the feud with the Kaplans involving the misappropriation of tens of millions, Mia Farrow, why MMY is banned from so many countries, and on and on. But he didn't. If anyone was disrespectful during the interview, it was MMY, not the reporter, who seemed to go out of his way several times to be as polite as possible, and to let MMY know that he was welcome back in England any time.

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