> why MMY is banned 
> from so many countries, and on and on.

This is new to me. Can you elaborate?

--- Sal Sunshine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2006, at 7:17 PM, bbrigante wrote:
> >  And the second question, Sunshine:
> >
> >  David JONES: One more question then on that
> subject, about, and it
> >  is
> >  about
> >  the Beatles.  Do you regret, do you regret now
> having ever become
> >  involved
> >  with them, because then your movement became
> associated with
> >  celebrity,
> >  with
> >  you know, you know popular music and so on. Do
> you regret that
> >  period?
> >
> Ah, yes, my mistake, Herr Brigante.
> Seems to me that you and a couple of others have put
> yourselves in the 
> position of viewing almost any and all questions for
> MMY as being 
> infused with hidden cynicism. They can't be just
> respectful, they have 
> to be downright reverential.  The reporter was
> simply trying to follow 
> up on his previous question, to which he had gotten
> a typical 
> non-response.  It was a natural question, they are
> MMY's most famous 
> followers, like it or not, and it could hardly have
> been a surprise. 
> The reporter was English from an English paper.  
> MMY didn't have to 
> agree to the interview or to talk with the
> reporter--he wants the 
> publicity but not the questions.
> And Judy's comment apropos "Gotcha."  Anyone who
> thinks that a reporter 
> for a respected newspaper is going to take some kind
> of sick delight in 
> putting an elderly, frail and obviously sick man on
> the spot...well, 
> that's pretty sick in itself.   If he had wanted to
> make MMY look bad, 
> there are so  many other things he could have asked
> about--the shady 
> business dealings, the feud with the Kaplans
> involving the 
> misappropriation of tens of millions, Mia Farrow,
> why MMY is banned 
> from so many countries, and on and on. But he
> didn't.  If anyone was 
> disrespectful during the interview, it was MMY, not
> the reporter, who 
> seemed to go out of his way several times to be as
> polite as possible, 
> and to let MMY know that he was welcome back in
> England any time.

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