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Psychics to try contacting Lennon in TV seance 
Pay-per-view show has been slammed by critics

Updated: 4:03 p.m. ET March 16, 2006

LOS ANGELES - Imagine John Lennon spinning in his grave.

The ex-Beatle, who was murdered over 25 years ago, is the latest 
subject of a
pay-per-view seance arranged by the producers of a 2003 attempt to 
contact the
dead Princess Diana. That show made money but was slammed by critics 
as hitting
a new low in television tastelessness.

"People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism, but we're 
making a
serious attempt to do something that many, many millions of people 
around the
world think is possible," said Paul Sharratt, who heads Starcast 
which made "The Spirit of Diana." That show drew over half a million 
viewers willing to pay $14.95 to watch it.

The Lennon show will air on April 24 on a pay-per-view channel and 
cost $9.95.

Sharratt himself is a "non-believer," and admits to not being totally 
otherwise after psychics attempted to contact the dead princess in 
the 2003
program. Nevertheless, it made for some great television, he said.

"I have to say that I'm a skeptic. I went into it very skeptically 
and I didn't
come out a total believer, but it was good for a lot of people as a 
tribute to
Diana," he said.

Sharratt said he chose Lennon because the former Beatle, like Diana, 
is an icon
and was also a deeply spiritual person. "Lennon was very interested 
in the
spiritual world. It's a natural follow-up to the Diana seance," he 

"The Spirit of John Lennon" is being done without the knowledge or 
consent of
John Lennon's estate. A spokesman for Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow, had 
no immediate

Sharratt said, "We are writing to Yoko and contacting friends this 
week to see
if any people associated with Lennon would take part."

The program will show psychics traveling to sites of significance to 
the former
Beatle, including New York's Dakota apartment house, where he lived 
and was
fatally shot by a deranged fan, Mark David Chapman, just over 25 
years ago.

Psychics will also visit the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles 
where the
Beatles recorded, and a town in India where Lennon pursued a 
spiritual retreat.

Sharratt said the Indian sequence will feature a spirit reader at an 
ashram who believes he can contact Lennon to receive musical notes 
and lyrics from the
other side.

Any notations will be flown to Los Angeles, where a composer will 
arrange the
notes, add vocals and backgrounds to produce a new song.

The special will culminate as psychics, colleagues and confidantes 
sit at a
seance table for 30 minutes surrounded by infra-red cameras that can 
capture any
"presence" or spirit that enters the room.

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