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We all, some times, withdraw naturally when we're consciously ensconsed in deep thought, motivated by love, passion, compassion, lust, we focus dearly upon the object of our ideation and all too often we forget about surroundings, natural pratyahara.  Taking these delights into our attitude towards the great spirit, we can hasten our own liberation.
Decades ago I heard the story of Valmiki, having gone on a hunt and completed his mission, rushed back to his home, quite late one night, his wife having pulled up the ladder in the tiger-infested area for safety.  Determined to envelope himself in her loving embrace, he endeavored to reach his treehouse for rest and merriment with the one he loved so much.  Tugging a vine he tested it for strength to ensure he'd make the ascent safely.  Reaching the top he roused his partner, bathing her in his affections.
"My darling, how did you ever get up here?  The ladder was not even down."
"My dear, I was so determined to be with you, I could not wait till dawn, I climbed the vine along the tree to reach you."
Spying the trunk of the tree she saw there was no vine, but a large snake.  Valmiki was so determined that he had climbed a snake to reach her loving embrace.  
Turning to Valmiki, his wife supposedly said something to the effect "if only you would pursue god in the spirit you pursued me, you will surely achieve liberation in this lifetime."

I believe that’s the story of Tulsidas, not Valmiki: http://www.amritapuri.org/teachings/katha/tulsi.php

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