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 If you want to have your mind blown  
> in regards to why democracy is an aberration and how the caste system  
> reflects the real natural condition of society, you should read this  
> book. From this POV, the idea that all people are created equal is  
> one of the greatest lies ever perpetuated on human society. Higher  
> education or education in domains which potentially could cause great  
> harm to society should only be given to those with innate and  
> excellent moral qualities.
History has already proved this kind of reasoning wrong.
That people are not created equal is probably true, but not the idea
that education should not be given to all people. Societies were a lot
of people are illiterate or have poor education are left behind,
suppressive, and often violent.

Finland's school system is considered to be one of the best in the
world by its results. Here the weaker students get a lot of support,
not necessarily the talented ones. We concentrate less on spurring
talented students. The resources are directed for everyone being
literate and getting a vocational training. If you are under 25 and
you are jobless, you lose your unemployment benefit, if you don't 
engage yourself in some training program. 

Giving everyone a chance in life, and making even the weaker
individuals feel that they are accepted and useful and important
members of societies is the best prevention of harmful tendencies.

Also democracy works much better, when people in general are well
educated. Good educations provides better means of making one's own


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