On Mar 21, 2006, at 6:44 AM, TurquoiseB wrote:

> I'm not a fan of Dan Brown or his writing style. Reading
> the DaVinci Code, for a writer, is a lot like pulling
> your own teeth. :-) That said, it was as much of a page-
> turner for me as for anyone else. It may have been a
> formulaic, badly-written and even more badly-researched
> piece of shit, but it kept you reading.
> What I'm looking forward to is the movie version, which
> is almost certainly going to be better than the book.
> And I'm looking forward to its social impact here in
> France. There was already a backlash to the popularity
> of the book -- many, many publications writing articles
> dumping on mysticism and esoterisme from on high, trying
> to portray such things as the interest of children and
> the brain-damaged. (I'm not kidding.) But, all this
> rationalist backlash only *increased* sales, which
> pissed off the nay-sayers no end. I'm expecting the
> same phenomenon to happen with the movie, but on a
> bigger scale, because the film will be more popular
> than the book, and reach a much larger audience.
> I think it'll be fascinating to watch the backlash
> effect around the world. Who will get their buttons
> pushed by the themes in the movie?

My reaction to the book, which I've only skimmed, was 'oh, another  
rehash of _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_'. And indeed years after it's  
initial publication the authors of that work are suing Dan Brown. I  
hope they win, because it's a fairly clear ripoff in one sense, but  
in another not so much. The whole Priory of Zion/Rennes-le-Chateau  
and Merovingian dynasty Masonic conspiracy spawned a whole series of  
books like Genisis and La Race Fabuleuse (and dozens of others) in  
France. It even spawned a video game based on Rennes-le-Chateau. All  
before Dan Brown. It's an entire genre unto itself. Interestingly all  
of these pet theories have been debunked by an American named  
Richardson, although unfortunately he's not getting any press. 

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