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> > Vak is Ma Saraswati.  Maharishi said to whisper Vak into the newborn's
> > ear three times so that the person would be reminded of where they had
> > just come from and thereby re-orient them towards the Transcendent. 
> > As I remember it, he wasn't commenting about an Indian custom but
> > precribing a specific action at a specific juncture.  
> I strongly disagree that he was prescribing a technique to use.
> Were you on that course? (Mallorca spring 71) . As I recall it was 
> not given as a "technique" -- it was a comment on an ancient practice.
>  As I said, on a later course, he definately said it was not a
> "technique". I  heard both comments live.
> > A few years later, I was on a course where someone asked M about "the
> > baby technique" -- what to whisper in a new born's ear. M was
> > "furious". Going on and on about there is no baby technique and what
> > he had said about a practice in ancient India was not a technique to
> > use .... and how could people be so stupid .." paraphrasing
> > I followed his
> > instructions 
> You received specific personal instructions from him?  Did he or you
> do a puja? I can't remember any specific techniques he ever gave when
> a puja was not done. He even had us do a puja for a breathing
> technique we gave to initial flying block students.

I was on the Mallorca/Fiuggi course.  My memory, however, places his
comments at Humboldt in 1971.  Regardless as to exactly where and
exactly when he made the comments I heard him give re whispering "Vak"
to a newborn, it was clear to me at that time that he was
"prescribing" a specific action and not merely commenting on some
traditional practice.  It was said in a lecture context, and neither
Devaraat nor any other pandit was present.  I cannot comment on what
you heard on the two occassions you mention above but only on what I
heard (or, more exactly, my memory of what I heard).  

He did not say anything about doing puja for the newborn either before
or after.  For what it's worth, I have received one technique from
Maharishi without either one of us doing puja and he did not direct me
to perform one afterwards.

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