--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, a_non_moose_ff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <jstein@> wrote:
> > But it seemed to me that the person who originally
> > related the anecdote 
> That was me
> > was presenting it as an example
> > of MMY denying he had given an instruction that he
> > had in fact given, i.e., that he had been denying
> > that he'd ever said not to bathe after program.
> No that was not at all my point in raising the story. I was giving 
> 4-5  examples of where I felt people incorrectly extrapolated 
> things M said in a specific context to another or more general 
> context: Vak, bathing during rounding, AV and Jyotish pre 1990, etc.

Right, sorry.  I'd forgotten the original post,
where you put it in context (plus which, I can't
keep track of the anonymooses!).

> > The one other objection, I guess, is that based on
> > his own descriptions of enlightenment, we should
> > expect him never to get angry about anything--which
> > is *itself* a foolish extrapolation, it seems to me.
> My sense in seeing these "outbursts" live, is that he was 
> not "angry" as we think of it. It was more a drama he was creating 
> to make a point. Like running after workers with a stick. He was 
> neither violently inclined -- nor "out of control" ,"rajo guna 
> inflamed". Like a parent who feigns anger with a child to make it 
> clear "Listen up! This is important!"

Makes sense, as long as folks aren't so freaked by
the display they don't hear what's being said.

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