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> > > Also, the TMO is working hard to make educators aware of the 
> > > of TM as well as of the financing available to take advantage 
of it:
> > 
> > They shouldn't bother, because as soon as the educators get wind 
of rajas,
> > Hail Mugabe, and rebuilding all the world's cities, they'll run 
> > OTOH, they may go to Mike Scozzari, Farrokh, and other 
independent teachers
> > who'll teach TM pure and simple, at a reasonable price.
> >
> I work in a public school in a very wealthy district and here is 
the deal, at least at this point 
> in time.  No USA public school like mine will promote any technique 
like TM within the 
> school, even with new and better research. 

Not all public schoolsare like yours:


Carmen N'Namdi 
Ms. N'Namdi is Co-founder and Principal of the Nataki Talibah 
Schoolhouse of Detroit (K–8); Chair of the Board of the National 
Charter School Institute; and Member of the Board of the Michigan 
Association of Public School Academies. The Nataki School is an award-
winning middle school where hundreds of teachers and students over 
the past nine years have learned the Transcendental Meditation 
technique as part of Nataki's Wellness Program. 

They might be impressed with the research, 
> but they will think it is up to parents and their students to do 
this kind of thing on their 
> own (like get braces, buy glasses, see the doctor, get tutoring).  
Another reason -, once 
> they promote TM in a school, then other parents will say why not 
present a lecture on Zen,  
> or mindfulness, or whatever.  And with everyone careful not to be 
liable for anything at all, 
> they would even wonder about negative results.  Not to mention the 
subset of parents who 
> will scream that this is Hinduism ...Finally, with all these sharp 
parents checking 
> everything in the world out on the Internet, they would have the 
TMO's number in a flash - 
> all the raja and crown and jyotish stuff would end it pronto. What 
an uproar!!!

Do the recertified teachers or their students have to wear funny hats?

> I love TM and believe it would help most students, but if you want 
to learn TM, learn it.  
> You want help paying for it, go to David Lynch.  But don't mix TM 
and public education.  It 
> is a waste of time here in the US, from a common sense perspective, 
but then much of this 
> TMO stuff has nothing to do with that anyway.
> PS The David Lynch Foundation website is really well done. HIs 
heart is in this, I think.  A 
> very generous offer.

Check the NBC Today Show spot on the Nataki Talibah school found at:


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